Kolter Solutions Announces CRM Expertise and Staffing Solutions for Business of All Sizes

November 19, 2019
by Newswire
Kolter Solutions has the expertise and the staff to help businesses of all sizes determine which CRM solution they need and acquire the talent to maximize their CRM systems. LAKE MARY, Fla. - November 19, 2019 - (Newswire.com)

Kolter Solutions, an industry leader in professional staffing and consulting, is proud to announce a new team that focuses on CRM solutions for companies of all sizes. This team also has the ability to recruit employees with high-demand and hard-to-find CRM skill sets. The result allows companies to save money and time while maximizing the effectiveness of these critical systems.

Roger Whiteman, Kolter Solutions’ founder and President, summarized how this new department benefits the company’s current and future customer base: “On nearly a daily basis we receive questions about CRM systems. There are a lot of choices and the investment required to implement such as system can range from minor to significant. Selecting the right CRM is a critical decision and will have a noticeable impact on revenue. Our team can help companies select the right CRM solution and then provide the employees, consultants or contractors to make sure they get the full benefit of their new platform.”

“I have been through the process of determining the right CRM solution for our own company.  It is a complex decision, and there is a shortage of reliable and unbiased information available,” said Tracy Dickerhoff, the company’s Managing Partner. “Even if you find the right CRM solution, you are faced with the daunting task of training your employees and finding the right talent to get your CRM ROI – you want it to make you money. Our team is focused on solving all of these issues fast and effectively.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the staffing and business services offered by Kolter Solutions can visit the company website at http://www.koltersolutions.com or call them directly at 866-4-KOLTER.

About Kolter Solutions: Kolter’s approach to the customer experience, delivering superior service and striving for integrity beyond reproach has fostered a special environment. We’re proud of the services we provide – but more importantly, we’re interested in learning how they can impact your business, your team, or your career.

Media Contact:​Roger Whiteman​407-960-5959​rwhiteman@koltersolutions.com

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