• IMF Suggests More Lenient Lending Policies in Ireland

    Ireland has been dealing with a mortgage crisis for some time. To find ways out of this situation, it has turned to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for guidance and possible financial assistance. In a rather unusual move for the IMF, rather than suggesting that Ireland needs to tighten its lending policies, as has been the case in most countries with similar problems, the IMF has proposed liberalization.

  • IMF Warns of Uncertain Future for Global Economy in Wake of Brexit

    Just days after praising the central banks of the world for preventing any notable cash shortfalls, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a warning that the effects of the United Kingdom’s (UK) decision to sever its relationship with the European Union (EU) will have far-reaching consequences for the world economy.

    A spokesperson for the IMF, Gerry Rice, described Brexit as likely to dampen global economic growth in the near term, and advised that the IMF urge policy makers to take decisive action when addressing the situation.

  • Precious Helium Reserve Discovered in Tanzania

    A team of overseas researchers discovered 54 billion cubic feet of helium gas in Tanzania’s Rift Valley, according to The Guardian. Helium is a rare gas used for research and medical purposes, and its scarcity has sent prices skyrocketing over 500% in the past decade. Norwegian firm Helium One has three extraction licenses pending with the Tanzanian government.

  • Housing Market Weakness Stings Growth Optimism

    Just as the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve are getting more optimistic about America’s growth prospects, new data shows the housing market may be topping out.

    Pending home sales fell a shocking 3.7% in May, versus a 1.1% expectation and a sharp reversal from April’s 3.9% jump. The new study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) saw pending home sales fall on a year-over-year basis for the first time since 2014, as tapped-out Americans struggle against persistent home price growth.

  • China and US May Be Heading Toward WTO Case over Steel Dumping and Tariffs

    China and the United States are set to square off in a suit before the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding a brewing dispute over steel imports. China, along with several other countries, has been exporting large quantities of corrosion-resistant steel to the United States at rates domestic producers cannot match. As a result, the US has raised tariffs and may take anti-dumping measures. Meanwhile, China has threatened suit if the US does this.